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Amy Ertan, PhD


Experienced cyber security professional with an active interest in national security and emerging security challenges. Multidisciplinary research with publications on themes including cyber strategy, geopolitics, military innovation and human aspects of cyber security (full list of publicly available talks/ presentations below). Active member of academic and policy-orientated research communities on themes including cyber conflict. 


 My research interests relate to cyber security, emerging and disruptive technologies, and military innovation. I hold a PhD in Information Security from Royal Holloway (University of London), where I held visiting fellow affiliations at NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre Of Excellence, the Belfer Center (Harvard Kennedy School), and with ITS Rio/ the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK).

I have worked for: NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence; CyberFish; Research Institute for Socio-Technical Cyber Security (UK NCSC collaboration project); Winsland Consulting; ChangeGap; Cybsafe (UK Government project); Royal Holloway (Cabinet Office & GCHQ research project), King's College London (King's Policy Institute) and the Baltic Defence College. These were predominantly research positions, though I have also lectured and designed strategic cyber wargaming scenarios.

2017 - 2020 - CREST Strategic Intelligence Associate - Barclays PLC

I have also provided advisory services to organisations including the Royal United Services Institute, We and AI, Rising Women in Cyber, and FS-ISAC (the Financial Services - Information Sharing and Analysis Center).

Qualifications include: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and CREST Registered Threat Intelligence Analyst 

Prior to working in cyber security I worked in the financial services sector and hold a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford. 

My Work

Recent work by theme: geopolitics and cyber security strategy; human factors and organisational security management; education and training data protection, and high-level output.

Geopolitics and Cyber/ Emerging Technologies Security Strategy

Human Factors in Cyber Security; Organisational Security Management

  • Report: Remote Working and (In)Security - 2021 - Report published in June 2021; Remote working and Cyber Security Literature Review Jan 2021 - Link. Research Institute for Socio-Technical Cyber Security. Co-author and research lead.

  • Report: Managing Cyber Risks and Engaging C-Suite Colleagues - 2020. Non-public paper. Cybsafe (for UK Government).Research coordinator, interviewer, co-author

  • Industry Employment. Winsland Consulting - 2020
    Research Engineer - Security Risk Management
    Under NDA. Themes: security risk management, threat intelligence, information-sharing


  • Report: Cyber Security Behaviours in Organisations - 2018 Requested by the UK Cabinet Office - Link

  • Industry Employment: Strategic Intelligence Analysis - Barclays 2017-2020
    Contributed to major strategic security programmes relating to data analytics, intelligence-driven defence, and horizon scanning. Strategic internal reports written on key threats.

Cyber Security Education and Training

  • NATO Cyberspace Exercises: Moving Ahead CyCon 2022 Workshop Summary Report. Ertan, Amy; Datzer, Veronika; Kuprys, Aurimas; Schauss, Lisa. NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), 2022.

  • Trust in Cyber Exercises. Ertan, Amy; Buckles, Robert, Lillemets, Pilleriin; Nordli, Gry-Mona; Schauss, Lisa. NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), 2022.

  • Cyber Exercises: A Vision for NATO : A CyCon 2021 Workshop Summary Report. Ertan, Amy; Kuprys, Aurimas; Lillemets, Pilleriin; Nordli, Gry-Mona. CyCon 2021. NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), 2021.

  • Cyber exercise: NATO Locked Shields 2021, 2022
    Strategic Scenario development; facilitated FS-ISAC live participation.


  • Industry Employment: CyberFish - 2020 - 2021
    Cyber Security Researcher - Design of Educational Resources
    Under NDA. Themes: cyber strategy; content creation; technical communication and wargaming 


  • Write-up: Strife Blog - Enhancing Cyber Wargames: The Crucial Role of Informed Games Design. Jan 2021. Link

  • Write-up: InfoSecurity Magazine - Principles of Effective Cybersecurity Wargames. Dec 2020. Link

Data Protection

  • Presentation Bussola Tech.Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Legislation. 2021.

  • Paper: Managing 5G Security Challenges: Options for Multistakeholder Governance
    EU Cyber Direct Conference 2020: Paper Link and Audio-Visual Recording

  • Paper: International Data Transfers and Data Protection Legislation: Challenges and Opportunities for Brazilian Trade - PEPA/ Society for International Economic Law Workshop 2020: Paper Link and Audio-Visual Recording

  • Fellowship project: Institute for Technology and Society - Rio de Janeiro - Jun- Aug 2019
    Data Protection Fellow (Sponsored by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office)


News and Magazine publications

  • Slate - The Vaccine Supply Chain Is Now the Most Valuable Cyber Target in the World - Mar 2021 - Link

  • Foreign Policy - NATO, We Want to Go to War With You - Dec 2020 - Link

  • InfoSecurity Magazine - Changing Cybersecurity Behaviors in the Workplace: A Critique of the Evidence - Link

  • InfoSecurity Magazine - Moving Online: How the Shift to Virtual Webinars Can be a Tool for Cybersecurity Inclusivity - Link

Additional concluded projects / publications / acknowledgements

  • Paper: 2021 - Establishing collective counter-terrrorism defense: NATO's scope and challenges - Published with Atlantisch Perspectief with Agnes Venema - Link

  • Paper: 2020 - Cyber Attribution: Challenges and Opportunities for Multi-Disciplinary Analysis - Published with Strife Journal -  Link 

  • Pro-bono: 2020 - We and AI: 'Money & Financial Services' and 'Fairness & Justice' Working Group Contributor.

  • Project: FS-ISAC BCD Scholarship Programme Alumni - Presented at the EMEA Autumn Summit 2019

  • Book Chapter: Rising Women in Cyber - 2020 - see 'Outreach & Mentoring' for link to book.

  • Book Chapter: Cybersecurity & Autonomous Vehicles - in IEEE Cyber Security & Transport -Co-author

  • Project: Cyber 9-12 - Strategic Cyber Policy Competition
    Winning Team at the 2018 inaugural London competition

  • Project: 2018 Cyber Security Student of the Year at the SC Media Awards

  • Project: Conference organiser; Impact Conference 2020; RHUL-Oxford CDT Conference 2018

  • Write-up: The Challenges Ahead for AI in the Military - Geopolitics and Security Blog, RHUL - 2019 - Link

  • Write-up: Deception in Cyberspace - Strife Series on Cyberwarfare and State Perspectives - 2018 - Link

© 2022 by Amy Ertan. 

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