Amy Ertan

PhD Candidate - Information Security

Center for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security

Royal Holloway, University of London

2020 Cyber Security Fellow - Belfer Center at Harvard University

2020 Visiting Scholar at the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

Board Member - We and AI

2019-2020 UK-Brazil Data Protection Fellow  (Foreign and Commonwealth Office & ITS Rio)

Cyber Security Contract Researcher - CISSP Certified

Former Strategic Cyber Intelligence Analyst (CREST 
Certified, Financial Institutions)

FS-ISAC Scholarship Recipient 2019
SC Media Cyber Security Student of the Year 2018 (Team)

Research Interests

I research the impact of emerging technologies on security practices. My thesis explores the implications of AI-enabled technology in the military. At an operational level, I explore the unintended or unforeseen security threats that may arise due to the use of AI in the defence environment. I also apply a social sciences approach to examine AI military innovation through the lens of global technological competition, exploring the strategic implications of AI.  As an interdisciplinary researcher, my work draws on insights from information security, organisational management and institutional theory, war studies and geopolitics

I also hold research interests in the human aspects of cybersecurity and have freelance experience across cyber intelligence, strategy, policy research and security risk management.

Wider Outreach

I frequently contribute to broader discussions on cybersecurity, including cyber threat intelligence, human aspects of cybersecurity, security management principles, privacy and data protection, and diversity in relation to the cyber skills gap. 

I have also designed and led workshops on academic research design, geopolitics and cybersecurity, and cyber strategy. 

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