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Links are provided to all public written research. Further information and presentation resources can be send upon request.

1. Reports, papers and blogs



Managing 5G Security Challenges: Options for Multistakeholder Governance

EU Cyber Direct Conference 2020 (Virtual): Paper Link and Audio-Visual Recording

Changing Cybersecurity Behaviors in the Workplace: A Critique of the Evidence
InfoSecurity Magazine
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International Data Transfers and Data Protection Legislation: Challenges and Opportunities for Brazilian Trade: Paper Link and Audio-Visual Recording
PEPA/ Society for International Economic Law Workshop (Virtual)

Moving Online: How the Shift to Virtual Webinars Can be a Tool for Cybersecurity Inclusivity
Info-Security Magazine

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Cyber Security Behaviours in Organisations

Requested by the UK Cabinet Office, Spring 2018

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The Challenges Ahead for AI in the Military
Geopolitics and Security Blog, RHUL
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Deception in Cyberspace: Nation States and False Flag operations

Strife Series on Cyberwarfare and State Perspectives, Kings College London - Dept. of War Studies
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2. Talks & Presentations 

A selection of recent presentations at conferences and on-site visits

Security Challenges in UK Military Innovation
Impact Conference 2020 (Virtual)

Managing Managing Cyber Risks and Engaging the CISO 
FS-ISAC EMEA Summit Spring 2020 (Virtual)

AI and National Security: Challenges and Considerations


Research Methodologies - Doing Research Responsibly
Royal Holloway, University of London - MSC Geopolitics and Security Lecture

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