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Before my doctoral programme, one of my most rewarding projects was a social mobility mentoring network: the 'Beyond Programme'. In the three years of coordinating the programme, Beyond annually paired up between 50-80 students with industry mentors and ran 5-6 sessions on career skills. I continue this energy to encourage pipeline talent - with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion - within cybersecurity. 


I am happy to hear from students or career-switchers that hope to enter information security (particularly via academia or for those looking at cyber intelligence). I help where I can and am honest about what I don't know.


Book Chapter

I have drafted a book chapter, 'Postgraduate Study in Cybersecurity', within Rise of the Cyber Women, available on Amazon.

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Outreach Podcast

Presentation on entry level certifications for cyber security. Hosted by diversity non-profit Seidea. I speak specifically about CISSP for those with the appropriate experience. 


WISDOM Network

The WISDOM network is the diversity and inclusion network for the Maths and Information Security Group at Royal Holloway. As Events and Wellbeing coordinator, I organise events and initiatives to drive inclusion and create a safe space for members of the department. 


Blog posts

Rise of the Cyber Women
RHUL Blog, August 2020

Looking after your mental health while working remotely: a resource guide for postgraduates
WISDOM Blog, March 2020

Let's Talk Inclusion

WISDOM Blog, February 2020

Interview for Women's History Month
LinkedIn/ Forbes Contributor, April 2018

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