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Geopolitics and Cyber/ Emerging Technologies Security Strategy

Human Factors in Cyber Security; Organisational Security Management

  • Report: Remote Working and (In)Security - 2021 - Report published in June 2021; Remote working and Cyber Security Literature Review Jan 2021 - Link. Research Institute for Socio-Technical Cyber Security. Co-author and research lead.

  • Report: Managing Cyber Risks and Engaging C-Suite Colleagues - 2020. Non-public paper. Cybsafe (for UK Government).Research coordinator, interviewer, co-author

  • Industry Employment. Winsland Consulting - 2020
    Research Engineer - Security Risk Management
    Under NDA. Themes: security risk management, threat intelligence, information-sharing

  • Report: Cyber Security Behaviours in Organisations - 2018 Requested by the UK Cabinet Office - Link

  • Industry Employment: Strategic Intelligence Analysis - Barclays 2017-2020
    Contributed to major strategic security programmes relating to data analytics, intelligence-driven defence, and horizon scanning. Strategic internal reports written on key threats.

Cyber Security Education and Training

  • Workshop and Internal Paper: Cyber Exercises: A Vision for NATO. CyCon 2021.

  • Cyber exercise: NATO Locked Shields 2021
    Strategic Scenario development; facilitated FS-IS
    AC live participation.

  • Industry Employment: CyberFish - 2020 - 2021
    Cyber Security Researcher - Design of Educational Resources
    Under NDA. Themes: cyber strategy; content creation; technical communication and wargaming 

  • Write-up: Strife Blog - Enhancing Cyber Wargames: The Crucial Role of Informed Games Design. Jan 2021. Link

  • Write-up: InfoSecurity Magazine - Principles of Effective Cybersecurity Wargames. Dec 2020. Link

Data Protection

  • Presentation Bussola Tech.Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Legislation. 2021.

  • Paper: Managing 5G Security Challenges: Options for Multistakeholder Governance
    EU Cyber Direct Conference 2020: Paper Link and Audio-Visual Recording

  • Paper: International Data Transfers and Data Protection Legislation: Challenges and Opportunities for Brazilian Trade - PEPA/ Society for International Economic Law Workshop 2020: Paper Link and Audio-Visual Recording

  • Fellowship project: Institute for Technology and Society - Rio de Janeiro - Jun- Aug 2019
    Data Protection Fellow (Sponsored by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office)


News and Magazine publications

  • Slate - The Vaccine Supply Chain Is Now the Most Valuable Cyber Target in the World - Mar 2021 - Link

  • Foreign Policy - NATO, We Want to Go to War With You - Dec 2020 - Link

  • InfoSecurity Magazine - Changing Cybersecurity Behaviors in the Workplace: A Critique of the Evidence - Link

  • InfoSecurity Magazine - Moving Online: How the Shift to Virtual Webinars Can be a Tool for Cybersecurity Inclusivity - Link

Doctoral Projects

  • US Department of Defense's approach to Artificial Intelligence in the Military; Interviews with NATO-employed colleagues and UK-based defence practitioners on defence innovation
    Researcher - Policy Analysis, Interviewing Experts
    Facilitated through visiting fellowship positions at the Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School, and with the NATO CCDCOE (2020-2021)

Additional concluded projects / publications / acknowledgements

  • Paper: 2021 - Establishing collective counter-terrrorism defense: NATO's scope and challenges - Published with Atlantisch Perspectief with Agnes Venema - Link

  • Paper: 2020 - Cyber Attribution: Challenges and Opportunities for Multi-Disciplinary Analysis - Published with Strife Journal -  Link 

  • Pro-bono: 2020 - We and AI: 'Money & Financial Services' and 'Fairness & Justice' Working Group Contributor.

  • Project: FS-ISAC BCD Scholarship Programme Alumni - Presented at the EMEA Autumn Summit 2019

  • Book Chapter: Rising Women in Cyber - 2020 - see 'Outreach & Mentoring' for link to book.

  • Book Chapter: Cybersecurity & Autonomous Vehicles - in IEEE Cyber Security & Transport -Co-author

  • Project: Cyber 9-12 - Strategic Cyber Policy Competition
    Winning Team at the 2018 inaugural London competition

  • Project: 2018 Cyber Security Student of the Year at the SC Media Awards

  • Project: Conference organiser; Impact Conference 2020; RHUL-Oxford CDT Conference 2018

  • Write-up: The Challenges Ahead for AI in the Military - Geopolitics and Security Blog, RHUL - 2019 - Link

  • Write-up: Deception in Cyberspace - Strife Series on Cyberwarfare and State Perspectives - 2018 - Link

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