Offensive Cyber Working Group: 

Steering Committee Member

NATO CCDCOE: Strategy Branch
Visiting Fellow 

(September-November 2020)

Case Study: US Department of Defense's approach to Artificial Intelligence in the Military 
Researcher - Policy Analysis, Interviewing Experts
Facilitated through a cybersecurity fellowship at the Belfer Center, Harvard University  (2020-2021)

We and AI: 'Money and Financial Services' and 'Fairness and Justice' Working Group Contributor. Also Cybersecurity Advisor on We and AI's advisory board

Fragmented Landscapes: Algorithmic Warfare
Researcher - Interviewing Experts

Responsible AI Innovation and the Military 

Framework development - initial testing planned for late 2020

Impact Conference
Organising Committee Member
September conference to connect academics and industry cybersecurity colleagues 

Postgraduate research and cyber security - Book Chapter in Rising Women in Cyber 

Author - see 'Outreach & Mentoring' for link to book.

Artificial Intelligence and National Security: Policy Considerations - RUSI Paper:

Reviewer - Link

Cyber Threat Monitoring and Detection - Book Chapter within IEEE Cyber Security and Transport 


Cyber Security Researcher - Design of Educational Resources
Under NDA. Themes: cyber strategy; content creation; technical communication and wargaming 

Winsland Consulting

Research Engineer - Security Risk Management
Under NDA
. Themes: security risk management, threat intelligence, information-sharing



Cyber Security Researcher - 
Cyber Risk Metrics and C-Suite Engagement
Completed a rapid evidence assessment on measurements for cyber risk and how security may best be conveyed to senior executives. Interviewed a number of CISOs as well as reviewing a range of academic, government and industry evidence. 

Institute for Technology and Society - Rio

Data Protection Fellow (Sponsored by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

Presented at ITS Summer schools in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, represented ITS as Facebook workshops on encryption and security in Sao Paolo. Researched the Brazilian data protection legislation progressing through the legal system and compared proposals with GDPR. 

FS-ISAC BCD Scholarship Programme Alumni

Presented at the EMEA Summit on effective communication of cyber risk to executives. 

Strategic Intelligence Analysis - Barclays
Contributed to major strategic security programmes relating to data analytics, intelligence-driven defence, and horizon scanning. Strategic internal reports written on key threats. 


Cybersecurity and Connected Autonomous Vehicles - Book Chapter in IEEE Cyber Security and Transport 

First author


Cyber Security Behaviours in Organisations 
A report requested by the Cabinet Office

Reviewed over 130 items of literature to report on major behavioural themes in cybersecurity: security culture, password behaviour, compliance with security policy, email behaviour, and inter-personal group dynamics. 

Strategic Attribution: False Flags and Cyber Attacks

Masters-equivalent dissertation research
Interviewed 15 experts in cyber attribution to argue for greater consideration of geopolitical events in the investigations process. Report available on request. Presented research at the Academic Center of Excellence - Cyber Security Research annual conference. 

Cyber 9-12 - Strategic Cyber Policy Competition
Winning Team at the 2018 inaugural London competition

Subsequent 2018 Cyber Security Student of the Year at the SC Media Awards

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